A Message from Jordan Piazza

For too long, many have thought to themselves “somebody ought to do more” to combat our city-parish’s crime, flooding, education, traffic, unfriendly business climate and so on. We have looked to our elected officials for guidance and leadership, and too often have been let down. Our city-parish has so much potential with the abundance of resources available in our Parish.

What Sets
Me Apart

I’m the only candidate in this race who has a track record of achievement in the private sector. I’ve been a part of building and revitalizing a succession of Baton Rouge’s most notable brands, carrying on the traditions and lessons given to me by my parents, Jeannine Piazza and the late Gus Piazza.

My Plan

Over the course of this campaign, I plan to discuss the problems and issues that I believe are prohibiting our community from achieving greatness. For years, we have been reacting to problems instead of proactively planning for our future development. We need a leader who has a plan for the direction of our community and government, one that will properly utilize the resources in our parish.

It is time for the people of East Baton Rouge Parish to hold our leaders accountable. We deserve better and we must demand better.